Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Healthy Body Digestion Paks

When it comes to supporting digestive function, the addition of one bottle of Ultimate Enzymes and one bottle of Ultimate FloraFx to any of the Healthy Start Paks will focus nutritional support on digestive health. It is hard to overemphasize the importance of digestive health. After all, if you are not assimilating, absorbing, digesting nutrients not a single nutritional strategy will work. In fact, the first thing we suggest if one of the other Paks does not produce results is clean up your diet, clean up your lifestyle and consider a Healthy Body Digestion Pak. The Enzymes are what the body uses to chemically disassemble foodstuffs and ready nutrients for absorption. The Flora is a marvelous probiotic packed with food that the “good bacteria” in the lower gut thrive on. It is in those quarters than a significant amount of nutrient absorption occurs. The two Digestion Paks displayed below are our most popular, “pre-packaged” ones. For more control over content and price click through to Customize / Economize and build your own Digestion grouping. Although not strictly necessary, especially for beginners, you can size the Digestion Pak you select to match your body weight by referring to the Sizing Chart to the right. Simply add extra Beyond Tangy Original or Beyond Tangy Peach as you prefer.

To learn more about Dr. Wallach’s approach to digestive challenge, why it works and how you can customize and supercharge your own digestive challenge efforts, go to Learning Center: Digestive Health