Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Healthy Body Brain & Heart Paks

When it comes to supporting brain and heart function, the addition of one bottle of Ultimate EFA and one bottle of Ultimate Selenium to any of the Healthy Start Paks will focus nutritional support on cognitive and cardiovascular health. As it turns out if we do right by our heart, we do right by our brain. The essential fats (EFA) not only help with oxygen transfer (vital in operating both organs), are protective of vascular limberness and help blood to slide over itself (guard against platelet aggregation), most of the brain is fat and, as such, is happiest when “good fats” are in the neighborhood. Selenium is incredibly protective of the heart muscle and serves as a vigorous anti-oxidant, extinguishing free radicals before they can attack the linings of vascular pathways. The two Brain & Heart Paks displayed below are our most popular, “pre-packaged” ones. For more control over content and price click through to Customize / Economize and build your own Brain & Heart grouping. Although not strictly necessary, especially for beginners, you can size the Brain & Heart Pak you select to match your body weight by referring to the Sizing Chart to the right. Simply add extra Beyond Tangy Original or Beyond Tangy Peach as you prefer.

To learn more about Dr. Wallach’s approach to cognitive and cardiovascular challenge, why it works and how you can customize and supercharge your own brain and heart challenge efforts, go to Learning Center: Brain & Heart Health