Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Healthy Body Bone & Joint Paks

When it comes to supporting musculo skeletal function, the addition of one jar of CM Cream and one bottle of Ultimate GlucoGel to any of the Healthy Start Paks will focus nutritional support on bones, joints, teeth, gums, cartilage, discs, etc. CM Cream serves as an anti-inflammatory, providing temporary relief and opening pathways to the injured area so nutrients and oxygen can move in and toxins can move out. The GlucoGel establishes a gelatinous protein matrix for the “bone minerals” (in the Beyond OsteoFx) to lock into. The two Bone & Joint Paks displayed below are our most popular, “pre-packaged” ones. For more control over content and price click through to Customize / Economize and build your own Bone & Joint grouping. Although not strictly necessary, especially for beginners, you can size the Bone & Joint Pak you select to match your body weight by referring to the Sizing Chart to the right. Simply add extra Beyond Tangy Original or Beyond Tangy Peach as you prefer.

To learn more about Dr. Wallach’s approach to musculo skeletal challenge, why it works and how you can customize and supercharge your own musculo skeletal challenge efforts, go to Learning Center: Bone & Joint Health