Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Flagship Liquids

While other nutrition companies were busy handing out pills and tablets, back in the 90's Dr. Joel Wallach founded his company on a line of liquid products known as the "Majestic Earth" line.

The great appeal of the liquids is their high bioavailability. Liquids avoid the problem of going right through the GI tract.

We all recall the vivid image in Dr. Wallach's health lecture, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" from the story the Porta-Potty guy tells! To get at the nutrition in any pill the body must break through the skin of the pill and then break the chemical bonds that bind the essential nutrient to this compound or that.

Liquids remove any such obstacle. As we age our digestive system weakens, typically, causing us to miss out on benefiting much from pills. Dr. Wallach's liquid line was revolutionary at the time.They "worked" where the pills from competitors often fell short.

Now we have moved on to powders, for the most part, that will mix up in water (more convenient) and we've been able to do some things with powders that we could not do with liquids. However, we still offer the original line of liquid supplements, they are still as good as ever.

Shelf life is generally around 18 months so if you want to save a little and purchase by the case by all means do so. Click through to the categories below that suits you. Youngevity Weight loss products offer everything you need build your own, personal, favorite Pak!