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Dr. Joel Wallach’s company, Youngevity, was founded back in April of 1997. Much of the acclaim it quickly came to enjoy arose from the strength of its line of revolutionary liquid foundationals and from its savvy use of capsules to both complement and enhance the liquids. Switching from a foundation of pills to liquid foundationals boosted bio-availability and using the pills to target and emphasize increased efficacy. In addition, the performance value of this combo brought the advances made years previously in the veterinarian field (Doc started as a Vet), front and center to the human world of self-health.

Since the 90’s formulating techniques have improved, significantly, and now our most popular products are our powders that mix up in water. People love them for their zesty taste and convenience. We still offer the capsule products as “add-on” or “specialty” supplements but the liquids are less popular now than they were since the powders trump them in convenience, taste and portability. Still, the liquids stand on their merit and remain a favorite for many. Browse both our liquid and capsule offerings. Buy by the case and save.

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