Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Classic 90 Pak™

Youngevity™ - 90 For Life -  Classic 90 Pak™

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    Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Classic 90 Pak™

    Let’s get real. Many of us simply can’t afford to spend $200 plus a month on minerals and vitamins. No matter. Go with the workhorse of the Youngevity line, the phenomenally robust mega-mineral, mega-vitamin, mega-amino acid “classic” drink, Dr. Wallach’s crown jewel, the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. Combine that with a bottle of EFA and bingo, you’ve got all 90 essential nutrients covered and for under $100. Now we are talking value for money.

    The Youngevity™ - 90 For Life - Classic 90 Pak contains one bottle of Dr. Joel Wallach’s Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic and one bottle of his Ultimate EFA Large. If you are new to supplementation, using the Classic 90 Pak is a perfect way to “get your feet wet.” You will be supplying your body with each of the 90 nutrients essential to human health. Because many of these nutrients are in short supply in the foods we eat, the Youngevity™ Classic 90 Pak can serve as a basic insurance policy, delivering the raw materials your body needs to achieve and maintain optimal function.

    If you weigh over 200 pounds you will want to double up on this Pak. Although there is more fuss and bother in using the liquids (the Classic is a liquid) as opposed to the powders or pills, liquid nutrients are more bioavailable in general. Plus, with the Classic you will experience the flagship product that launched Dr. Wallach's entire line. Even over a decade since its inception, Classic is the most robust, most comprehensive, liquid supplement of its kind. See what it can do for your health!

    Each pack contains Ultimate Classic - 32 oz (1) and Ultimate™ EFA™ - 180 capsules (1). See individual products for details.