Blood Sugar Health

Blood Sugar Health

Perhaps you have been told that you are flirting with type II Diabetes or that you have it, or you think you might get it. Welcome to the club! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that up to 80 million of us will soon fit into one of these categories. Now it is time to choose: Do you want Big Pharma and mainstream medicine to make $300,000 or more off of you over the next 10 or 15 years plying you with dangerous drugs, arranging for a cane and a seeing-eye dog, perhaps, eventually cutting off your limbs one by one or would you rather figure things out on your own? We assume you are here because you would rather figure things out on your own.

Blood Like Maple Syrup

What happens with insulin resistant or "type II" diabetes and pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia) is that the cells in your body (and there are trillions of them) start locking down. They roll up the welcome mat and throw it in the trash. This makes it darn hard for the insulin molecule (it is a hormone) to cross the cell wall or, in more technical terms, the insulin receptor sites on the cell walls start to fail. The job of insulin, along with other cofactors like calcium, is to transport glucose in through the cell wall so that it can be metabolized (converted to energy) by the mitochondria (a little energy factory) inside the cell. As long as insulin levels remain at normal levels the whole system works beautifully. Sadly, modern man does not behave in a way that keeps insulin levels in an ideal range. We are more sedentary than our ancestors (we don't burn up the glucose / energy as we take it in) and we constantly eat foods that spike our glucose levels and, thus, spike insulin levels. As insulin levels rise signals are sent to convert glucose to fat (energy storage) rather than to burn it. After years of high carbohydrate intake and couch potato behavior our cells become so stressed out by such high levels of insulin that they begin to shut down, refuse entry, give out just like staring at the sun eventually causes the eyes to give out.

Things start to get backed up once the receptor cells start to fail. Glucose can't get in so it stays in the blood, thickening the blood even sometimes to the point of clotting. This is where the real danger begins. We rely on blood to both deliver nutrition and oxygen to our cells and to remove toxins and waste. When our blood becomes like maple syrup it can't do that and then all the major organs, all body systems become totally stressed and eventually fail. High blood pressure and cardiovascular problems are among the first symptoms since pumping thick blood strains the heart and pressurizes the arteries. Vision is compromised since it is doubly difficult to service ocular tissue via the fine capillaries that feed the eye. Painful neuropathy, especially in the feet is common since the feet are furthest from the heart and so especially hard for the gooey blood to nourish. Kidneys work overtime, eventually failing. Diabetics feel they must urinate all the time and sugar can even show up in their urine!

Doc Wallach's Common Sense Approach to Blood Sugar Challenge

The first thing you need to do is to fix your diet. Start eating exclusively from the bottom of the Glycemic Index (GI). The GI, as you are probably aware, ranks foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels. Download a copy from the Internet. The lower the number: the lower the impact. Call or write us if you want an (abridged) copy of the index. Next, sit down with yourself, grab yourself by your collar and convince yourself that simple carbohydrates and sugar is your deadliest, most pernicious, wiliest enemy. If you don't eliminate simple carbs and sugars from your diet or at least radically reduce intake, you are just playing Russian Roulette. Next, embrace a program of moderate, daily exercise, both resistance (weights) and aerobics (cardiovascular). And, finally, start taking in all 90 nutrients essential to human health and in a form the body can easily recognize and use with an emphasis on those nutrients, nutrient groups and nutrient cofactors that support glucose metabolism.

The 90 Nutrients Essential to Human Health.

An "essential nutrient" by definition is a nutrient that we cannot manufacture in our own body (we must get it by ingesting food or supplements) and is "essential" (vital, requisite) to human health. Forgo essential nutrient intake and eventually, inevitably, over time you will fall victim to one or more of over 900 possible degenerative, deficiency diseases. Deny yourself oxygen and you will pay a price within minutes. Deny yourself water, maybe you will last a week or so. Deny yourself an essential nutrient: it may take years but the price you will pay will be no less consequential.

Vitamins and minerals are a dime a dozen, right? There are hundreds of vendors and thousands of products. Sadly, most are not worth the change in your pocket. Dr. Wallach's products, on the other hand, are extraordinary effective and therefore valuable. He has put together his product line guided by thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars in research. What's more many of his formulas are proprietary, unique. No one else, for example, has the liquid, organic, plant derived colloidal minerals, the trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals. This is the "secret sauce" used in all Doc's liquid formulas that makes everything else work. For more details Please link here

Facing Down Blood Sugar Challenge: The Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak

As do all of Doc's Specialty Health Paks, The Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak (HBBSP) includes a combination of products that deliver the 90 For Life foundation (see General Health: Healthy Start Pack) but, in addition, also includes the specialty or "add-on" product called "Ultimate SweetEze." The 90 For Life combo goes to work right away providing support for all the body systems compromised by the assault of high insulin and glucose levels. Particularly important is support of the pancreas the organ tasked with manufacturing insulin. But if, for example, cardio vascular collapse has followed, the proprietary blend of essential nutrients can re-stock depleted stores with highly bioavailable, cardio-specific nutritional building blocks.

In addition to addressing general health, though, the HBBSP includes SweetEze, a specialty product. The SweetEze contains those nutrients, nutrient cofactors and herbal cofactors particularly supportive of glucose metabolism (Chromium, Cinnamon, Bitter Melon, vanadium, Gymnema Leaf Extract, etc.). The idea is to reactivate the insulin receptor sites (see above) on the cell wall. The principle ingredients in the Ultimate SweetEze are two little essential minerals: vanadium and chromium. Vanadium actually imitates the action of insulin. It can lock on to and even (indirectly) help repair compromised receptor sites, thus transporting glucose into the mitochondria of each cell. Chromium must be present in trace amounts in order for the mitochondria to convert glucose to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This chemical event, which is much more complex than described here, basically turns glucose into energy. Without chromium it cannot happen. With our standard American diet (SAD) coupled with declining chromium levels in our food and crop soils, most of us are deficient in chromium or else we are lacking in the other, vital nutrient cofactors that enable our cells to use the chromium that is available to us.