Why Supplement With Dr. Wallach's Supplements

Why Supplement with Dr. Wallach’s Nutritional Supplements

There are hundreds of supplement companies purveying tens of thousands of supplements. What distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s supplements from the others? For one thing, Dr. Wallach’s company, Youngevity, is the only company of its sort that enjoys exclusive rights to the source material for its flagship product, “Majestic Earth Minerals.” Majestic Earth Minerals is our trace mineral, minor mineral and rare earth mineral product. It comes directly from plants grown in virgin, mineral rich soil. And it is these plant derived, colloidal minerals, these micro nutrient cofactors that allow the body to make optimal use of all the other nutrients we take in. That is why we include our Majestic Earth Minerals in nearly every product we sell: they make everything else work. That is why our products produce real, measurable and significant health benefits whereas others typically fall short. And it is why Dr. Wallach refers to “the minerals,” endearingly and half-jokingly, as his “secret sauce.” Our supplement line is high end and high performance precisely because we include our “secret sauce” in nearly every supplement we offer.

The second thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s product line is quality control. Although we have lobbied for it, for years, the fact is the supplement industry is poorly regulated: companies can get away with just about anything. Not long ago there was a study done in Canada. An independent lab pulled 50 of the top supplements from the shelf of various retail stores, tested them in the lab and documented disturbing breaches. Most lacked what they said they contained. Many contained substances never mentioned on the label, quantities were off and so forth. At Youngevity the strictest of standards is maintained. We don’t put up with such nonsense. We either equal or exceed best practices. To learn more details please request a free Cd containing an interview with our chief quality control officer, Richard Renton.

The third thing that sets Dr. Wallach, his company and products apart from the crowd is Dr. Wallach himself. As the proud author of the tape / Cd, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” (75 million copies sold) Dr. Wallach earned his place as an absolute giant in the field of nutrition and human health many years ago sounding the alarm concerning the lack of minerals in our range and crop soils and linking impoverished soils and mineral deficiencies in our diet to deficiency disease. Dr. Wallach’s pioneering spirit and his uncompromising acuity and genius has both led and served the health community for decades. For example, it was Dr. Wallach who advocated for glucosamine intake (musculo skeletal support) when very few even knew of it. It was Dr. Wallach who warned of the dangers of sugar, gluten and carbs and the value of good fats while orthodoxy insisted on the opposite (for a good 50 years!). It is Dr. Wallach who has been teaching the public for years about self-health and common sense, low tech solutions to health challenge while orthodoxy has pressed drugs, radiation, surgery and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost on us. It was Dr. Wallach, teaming up with other scientists who established the monumental importance of trace mineral supplementation, specifically liquid, organic, colloidal trace mineral supplementation. A review of his career accomplishments tells of, among other victories, of the award he received for making a significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause and pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis, his authoritative work on comparative medicine, over 700 pages, housed at the Library of Congress and the astounding discovery that many of the successes in the veterinarian field achieved through smart supplementation apply with equal relevance to the field of human health.

The fourth thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach’s product line is superior formulation. Tens of thousands of man hours and millions of research dollars guide the choices we make in putting together our products. Our more advanced products, for example, employ micro chrystaline technology to fuse our Majestic Earth Minerals with fruit and vegetables (source of hundreds of phyto nutrients) and with other essential nutrients. The result is enhanced performance. We can do more with less and certainly way more than can the closest competitor. Our ORAC score (measures antioxidant strength) on the Beyond Tangy, for example, is untouchable. We have it independently verified by one of the best laboratories in the country. Link here for the full story.

The fifth thing that distinguishes Dr. Wallach and his company from the crowd is our commitment to public health. On numerous occasions Dr. Wallach has reached into his own pocket, paying millions for legal representation and has been able to prevail against the FDA. These victories, forcing the government to acknowledge the voracity and accuracy of various health claims, don’t just benefit Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. They benefit all the supplement companies and, more important hugely benefit the public. If it were not for Dr. Wallach, his tenacity and commitment to mission, we would not be hearing how incredibly important, for example, omega III intake is in supporting cardiovascular health. The government and the AMA would censor that right out of the conversation!

Of course, there are many more reasons to supplement with Dr. Wallach’s superior line of nutritional supplements. Too many to list here. When all is said and done, though, it is best to be your own judge. Commit 90 days to reclaiming your own health. Saturate your system with one of Dr. Wallach’s 90 For Life product combinations and let the evidence of your own, personal experience make up your mind about which supplements are right for you.