Savings Ideas


30% Off Retail, FREE Shipping on Qualified Orders, Boutique Perks & Other Savings Ideas

30% Off Retail

Youngevity publishes a "wholesale" price as well as a "retail" price on all of its product offerings. Since the only requirement to purchase at wholesale is that one register with the company and since it is free to register, we here at Gevity90 typically display the discounted or wholesale price (30% off retail). Sometimes we display the retail price (roughly 30% more than wholesale) but whenever we do we strike through the retail price and show the wholesale (discounted) price.

Customers purchasing for the first time are AUTOMATICALLY registered prior to order processing. This allows us to charge the discounted, wholesale price. If your order is a repeat order, you can be sure that you are already registered in the system and, therefore, will be charged the published, wholesale price.

Our solemn pledge is that as long as you order from our site you will NEVER be charged one penny more than the published, wholesale price no matter which item you select for purchase. The prices you see (not crossed out) ARE the discounted prices and that is always the price we charge.

Free Shipping on Qualified Orders

We waive shipping on any AutoShip order of over $100. This can amount to substantial savings over time.

The rule on AutoShip is the AutoShip account must be established the month prior to the first effective date. For example, set up AutoShp during August and your first AutoShip order will process on whichever available date you select in September. Make sure the order is over $100 and we waive shipping.

With an AutoShip order in place you never run short on product and so can always keep on task. When it comes to effecting real change through smart supplementation CONSISTENCY is (nearly) everything. By choosing AutoShip you choose to commit to your long term health..

Boutique Perks

If you are a first time shopper be sure to call your first order in to 800-290-6124 and ask about all the perks available, especially for you. We like to really treat our new customers (and old customers) right! Here is a link to the Boutique Shopping Experience page:

Boutique Shopping Experience

Some of the good stuff is just too cool to mention on the Internet!

Other Savings Ideas

If given a choice between perfect health and $1 million, most would choose the former. After all, what good is money if you feel rotten for decades at a stretch? Our line of nutritional supplements support physical function beautifully, they “work” while supplements from other companies often fall short. Still, for some, the cost can be a bit scary. That is why, throughout this site, we make “budget” or “alternative” product selection suggestions. For example, look at the suggested Healthy Body Blood Sugar Paks. They all come in at around $150.00. If you weigh 200 pounds or more you add a twin pack of either the Beyond Tangy Original or Peach. This raises the monthly cost to $250. But now go to the Customize / Economize section and select the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Paks. Here, you can build your own, according to your budget. For example, start with the “Starter Pak” at $58.20 and then add a SweetEze at $24.50. Instead of $250 / month you are down to around $85 / month. This is a way to still experience the power of Dr. Wallach’s products without breaking the bank. Sure, the more expensive alternative can shorten the distance to your goals but there are alternatives!

Dr. Wallach very deliberately set up his company, years ago, to operate on the network marketing business model. His reasons were many. Principally, though, he wanted to reward individual health-enthusiasts / product advocates with money that would otherwise go to big ad agencies. But, also, he wanted to provide for “bootstrapping.” After all, network marketing is a marvelous vehicle whereby product enthusiasm can translate into dollars earned. And those dollars can be re-invested in expanding one’s own health and supplement program. Call 800-290-6124 to learn more about the business opportunity side of Youngevity.

Once you experience the power of our products you will want to share the message of self-health with friends and loved ones. When everyone is on board, think about putting in a sizable “joint” order. Call us at 877-475-2854 and we’ll try to work out a good deal for you.