Q. Dr. Wallach talks about the body needing 90 essential nutrients. That is a lot more than I have ever heard we need. What does he mean by that?

A. There are a thousand tasks our body performs every hour, from pumping blood, to breathing, to building and repairing tissue, to maintaining the immune system. Each job involves the execution of a specific set of chemical events. Yet if we are to perform optimally, if every chemical reaction and transfer which needs to occur, is to occur, we must provide our body with the raw material required. One can't expect to bake a decent cake without eggs or flour or milk or sugar. Similarly, one can not expect the body to do the job it was designed to do without providing it with a full shelf of ingredients to work with. We need all the essential vitamins (16), the essential amino acids (12), all of the fatty acids (3) and the minerals, trace elements and rare earths proven to be essential to human health (60).

Q. Can I get all the nutrients I need from my diet?

A. Plants can make carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, fibre, fatty acids etc. yet they can not make minerals. Minerals exist in the soil and must come to us from the soil. A plant draws minerals up through its root system and delivers it to us in a colloidal, organically bound form. Unfortunately, due in part by the way in which agriculture has been practiced the past hundred years or so, the mineral content of our range and crop soils is at an all time low. Farmers can grow millions of bushels of corn by applying the fertilizer, NPK (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) to their fields. However, after five to seven years of harvesting crop after crop from the same field most of the minerals, especially the trace minerals and rare earths, are virtually 'strip mined' from the soil. Alarmingly low mineral content in soils worldwide was documented most recently at the 1993 "Eco" conference in Rio. The poverty of our soils translates into a lack of minerals in our diets and also may well diminish the plants own ability to manufacture other nutrients we need like vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. Besides poor soils other factors contribute to malnourishment. More and more of our foods are now highly processed or manipulated to achieve a certain look or taste or convenience of preparation. Frozen orange juice, for example, has been shown by consumer magazines to be a pathetic substitute for fresh squeezed. Also, due to our fast paced lifestyle, we tend to neglect eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the very foods richest in precious vitamins and enzymes. Because it is next to impossible for us to get all 90 essential nutrients from our diet, it is imperative that we turn to other sources. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE SUPPLEMENT..

Q. What can I really, reasonably expect in terms of reclaiming the health, vigor and vitality that has become a distant memory for me now that I am in my sixties?

A. It is a fact that the human body requires regular intake of all 90 nutrients essential to human health to be able to function, optimally. Deprive yourself of any or a group of essential nutrients and over time, inevitably, degenerative deficiency disease will manifest. In fact, Dr. Wallach tells us that we are subject to an average of 10 different deficiency diseases for every single essential nutrient we starve ourselves of. Wish to reclaim your health? The first step is to supply your body with all 90 nutrients essential to human health and in a form the body can easily recognize and use. Supply your body with the raw materials it requires for optimal function and you can reasonably expect handsome health dividends. Will our products "cure" arthritis or macular degeneration or reverse high blood pressure? Certainly, we receive volumes of rosy reports. But this is not drug therapy, you are not forcing a physiological response. With nutritional therapy you are merely supporting the body and then letting nature take its course. With high end nutritional supplements the goal is to create an ideal internal environment, make the conditions right for the body to work at its best.

Q. Youngevity offers so many quality supplements. It is all a little overwhelming. Can you suggest one simple, affordable supplemental package which will allow me to get started on Dr. Wallach's program, provide the 90 essential nutrients as he suggests and lay the nutritional groundwork necessary for me to get maximum benefit from the other nutritional supplements you offer?

A. The Enhanced Healthy Start Pak, item code FL90908, is our most user-friendly and most popular combination of nutritional supplements that, together, provide a "baseline" of the 90 nutrients essential to human health. The Enhanced Healthy Start Pak (FL90908) consists of two canisters of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, one bottle of Beyond OsteoFX and one bottle of Ultimate EFA Plus. One Enhanced Healthy Start Pak costs $178.50 and provides enough product for an adult of average weight to supplement for one month at a "maintenance" or minimal level. For many, a maintenance intake serves as the perfect introduction to the power of superior supplementation. Those wishing to follow Dr. Wallach's advice to the letter, are encouraged to saturate their systems for the first 90 days before cutting back to a maintenance intake. Adding on another canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine and another Bottle of Beyond OsteoFx usually does the trick (depending on body weight). Find / order product by entering the item code in the Search Box at the top of this page.

Q. I have heard that the products Dr. Wallach recommends contain potentially harmful materials such as arsenic, lead, aluminum and cadmium. Is this true? If so, should I be concerned?

A. Majestic Earth Minerals are a "full spectrum" organic colloidal mineral supplement. The term "full spectrum" refers to the fact that Majestic Earth Minerals come directly from plants grown in soil containing a full or complete range of elements: from Aluminum and Antimony to Yttrium and Zirconium.

There are elements in the Majestic Earth minerals one would not dream of ingesting in a granular or metallic form. Lead, for example, cadmium, mercury, arsenic. In an organically bound form, however, in trace amounts, many of these same elements play an important role in the body's bio-chemistry. Arsenic, for example, helps facilitate neonatal growth and plays a part in metabolizing selenium, an element proven to be crucial to the health of the heart muscle. In a metallic form, on the other hand, arsenic can be deadly. In fact, it is 65 times more toxic than organically bound arsenic.

Many people worry about ingesting too much aluminum. It is associated with Alzheimer's Disease, after all. Yet what many do not realize is that fully 12% of the earth's crust consists of aluminum bound typically to either oxygen or silica. One can not buy a fruit, grain, nut, vegetable, etc. at any market that does not contain trace amounts of organically bound aluminum.

Another interesting fact is that due to the electro magnetic charge of organically bound minerals they cannot be stored in the body for longer than about 6 to 8 hours, thus they never create any sort of toxic overload. Minerals that come from inorganic sources such as rocks, clays and sea water can accumulate in the soft tissue of the body. Some plant- sourced minerals have been found to actually remove their heavy metal counterparts. For example, going back to aluminum, aluminum is very effective in not only cleansing the body at the cellular level but also in assisting it to remove any metallic aluminum that might be present.

Q. If Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic has everything in it, can I just take this supplement and be done with it?

A. Dr. Wallach estimates that for every nutrient we go without for a sustained period of time we subject ourselves, on average, to ten different degenerative diseases. This is why it is so important to take in all 90 essential nutrients on a daily basis. To make up for the many years most of us have been running deficits in certain nutrients, it is crucial that we start out by taking in what is termed a 'saturation dose' of Dr. Wallach's supplements. This involves taking one ounce of the Majestic Earth Minerals and one ounce of the majestic earth ultimate twice daily for 90 days. This supplies the body with 87 out of the 90 nutrients proven to be essential to human health. After the 90 days one cuts back to the 'maintenance dose' or one ounce of minerals per 100 pounds of body weight per day.

While it is possible to do the maintenance dose using Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic exclusively, after all it has practically everything in it, it is not recommended to do so. Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic contains 50% by volume Majestic Earth Minerals. A person weighing 150 pounds would have to use three full ounces of Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic each day to get enough minerals (1.5 Ounces). To do this, though, would mean overloading the body with vitamins and amino acids. Plus, the cost would be unnecessarily high. A much more sensible plan for a person weighing 150 pounds would be to take in one ounce of Majestic Earth Minerals and one ounce of majestic earth ultimate once per day. This would supply the required 1.5 Ounces of minerals as well as just the right proportion of vitamins and amino acids. Also, it would not cost as much.

Anyone experiencing musculo-skeletal problems should add in ultimate glucogel to the above described saturation dose (see pig pack). The ultimate glucogel provides collagen, important for connective tissue, chondroitin sulfate, raw material for building cartilage and glucosamine sulfate, helps with joint fluid matrix.