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Digestive Health

You might own a great mountain of gold ore. But it would not do you much good unless you were able to extract it, transport it and spend it. The same can be said of fine food and high end nutritional supplements. What good are they if your ability to digest / absorb the nutrients you take in is broken?

So many of us fail in that department, especially as we age. We become less successful at producing the enzymes needed to tear down foodstuffs, chemically disassembling them into a usable form. Over the years, too, careless eating can erode the health of our lower intestines where much (90%) of the complex business of absorption occurs. Many of us, for example, to some degree or another, develop an intolerance for gluten. As we unwittingly eat sandwich after sandwich (and other grain-based foods) we compromise the delicate villa, tiny follicles which line the walls of our intestines. And it is through the villa, each one serving as a sort of tuning fork, tuning in to one needed nutrient or another, that individual nutrients find their way into the blood and on to the organ or tissue or physical system that requires them. Also over the years, relentless intake of antibiotics, high glycemic foods, caffeine and alcohol all do a number on the vast colonies of good bacteria, again in the lower intestines, so very important in converting the foods and supplements we ingest into suitable / simplified chemical constructs. Sometimes we get warning signs of the damage (allergies, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, ulcers, acid reflux, IBS, Crohn’s Disease. etc.) but sometimes we don’t. Unawares, we go on eating but at the same time starving, since the nutrients are not able to reach their target. Then, inevitably, deprived of essential nutrients, we develop this or that degenerative nutritional deficiency disease.

Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Body Digestion Pak (HBDP) is designed to tilt the odds back in our favor when it comes to digestion. Like all the other Specialty Paks the HBDP starts with a foundation of all 90 nutrients essential to human health and in a form the body can easily recognize and use. This “baseline” is covered by the combination of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine (original or peach), the Beyond OsteoFX (liquid or powder) and the EFA Plus. Don’t forget to adjust quantity of each of these three according to body weight before ordering.

In terms of the specialty or “add-on” products the HBDP includes a bottle of FloraFX and a bottle of Ultimate Enzymes. FloraFx, as it name suggests, is designed to repopulate the “flora” or good bacteria in the lower intestines. Besides containing billions of pre and probiotic organisms (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidus, and Bifidobacterium Infantis) it contains glucono delta lactone (GDL), a patented, naturally occurring agent that feeds the bacteria that feed us! So many probiotic supplements simply throw a lot of organisms at the system but FloraFx goes a step further, making sure the organisms are well looked after, well-nourished so they don’t just go the way of their predecessors. FloraFx repopulates the gut and then supports that population with everything it needs to thrive and dominate (edging out any “bad” bacteria).

It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of digestive enzymes. They are like detonator keys allowing specific chemical reactions to occur quickly and efficiently. Think about trying to get into the house, at night, fumbling around for the right key. Dr. Wallach’s Ultimate Enzymes offer a tight little collection of “master keys” suited, perfectly, to catalyze every biochemical sequence involved in the efficient digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In addition they help create an ideal environment in the stomach, lowering pH levels to where they need to be to liquefy food in preparation for its journey into the lower intestines. The stomach can be thought of as one’s personal, high-powered blender. Food that isn’t totally reduced can start to rot and fester and even provoke unwanted immune response. But the betaine HCl in the Ultimate Enzymes insures thorough processing.

Besides supplementing heavily with Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Body Digestion Pak, there are four dietary changes you can make, right now if you are really serious about fighting your way back to digestive health. The first is eliminate fried food; the second is eliminate vegetable oils; the third is eliminate grains: and the last is eliminate carbonated drinks. The oxidative stress caused by trans fats from fried foods and vegetable oils can spur inflammation and damage delicate tissue all along the GI track. Gluten, a collection of virtually indigestible proteins principally from wheat, oats, barley and rye will shrink and gum up villi and, lastly, carbonated drinks, especially ingested before or during a meal, neutralize stomach acid, deeply compromising digestive function.