Best Practices

Nutritional Strategy: Best Practices

Many make the mistake of fixating on one or two vitamins or minerals, the "flavor of the week," as the answer to their most pressing health needs. But the body uses nutrients in combination, not in isolation. Calcium, for example, may be good for bones but just loading up on calcium won't do a thing. Vitamin D must be in the picture as must magnesium, zinc, boron, the gelatinous protein matrix that holds it all together, etc. Even more important one must build and maintain a full store of essential trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals, a foundation of cofactors that allow the body to make optimal use of every other essential nutrient presented.

To rebuild one’s health, then, as well as to achieve, preserve and support optimal health, the first order of business is to establish a foundation (or “reserve” or “store” or “bank account”) of all 90 essential nutrients. Constructing a foundation of all 90 is an absolute prerequisite to living longer and living younger. That is why one hears Dr. Wallach mention over and over and over again, “90 For Life, “90 For Life.” 90 For Life is what we call our product combinations that together deliver, you guessed it, all 90 nutrients essential to human health.

Find some of our “90 For Life” product combinations under “Healthy Body Paks” (clickable icons: right margin). Each icon directs to a selection of essential 90 paks. The first collection, “Healthy Start Paks,” is where most visitors START. Clicking the icon reveals more detailed product information and choices based on body weight and need. Unlike the other groups (icons) the START paks don’t contain any “specialty” or “add-on” products since they are formulated to support general health. However, because of how nutrition works even the specialty pak icons, the next six to follow, all include a “core” of the 90 For Life foundationals (but add specialty products). Many find that a consistent regimen of one of the start paks for at least 90 days can avoid the need for specialty products all together.

The second order of business is to calculate the quantity. How much product do you require for, say, a month? There are many determining factors: body weight, degree of daily physical activity, how quickly you want results, budget, sensitivity and habits. It takes more to supplement a horse than a rabbit. Common sense tells us that. So the more you weigh the more you will need. The higher the level of physical activity the more you sweat, the more you lose minerals. So if you work out a lot or, say, labor physically under the hot sun most days, you need more than the average couch potato requires. Adjusting for body weight and activity is sufficient for most but if you want to be really aggressive in reclaiming health, doubling up or “saturating” one’s system can hasten things along. Of course, budget is a concern. Maybe you can’t afford to saturate. That’s fine. We offer less expensive alternatives. After all, a horse and buggy can get you to the same place as a Farrari, eventually. If you are a sensitive sort, and you know your own body, less is often better than more. And, finally, habits matter. Drinking soda pop or sugary / starchy food will impede your efforts. For every two steps forward you will be taking one giant step backwards if you cling to such habits. Can’t give up your daily coffee? Then order extra minerals so you can replace what you lose once that caffeine empties your liver of stored minerals.