Bone & Joint Health

Bone and Joint Health

Aging and an active lifestyle can wreak havoc on bones and joints. This havoc can turn to incredible pain, inflammation, and discomfort that can significantly affect quality of life. Over 44 million individuals suffer from Osteoporosis and millions more from other musculoskeletal issues such as muscle aches, joint tears, and ligament/cartilage deterioration. Many take medications that provide temporary relief, but pay the price of serious side effects. Steroids and NSAIDS can trick the brain but fail to address the underlying problem.

To address the underlying problem Dr. Wallach became quite famous with his introduction, many years ago, of the “Pig Arthritis Formula.” While the formula is still available as the “Pig Pack,” advances in recent years have given us the “Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak” (HBBJP). Like other specialty health packs it starts with the 90 For Life foundational of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT), Beyond OsteoFX and the EFA+ but also includes the specialty products of Ultimate GlucoGel and cmCREAM.

The concept behind the HBBJP is a fairly simple and straightforward one: give your body the raw material it needs to rebuild, regenerate and repair bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons and it will do just that. In trying to imagine how this happens it is useful to think of yourself as a stone mason, building a wall. The GlucoGel supplies the mortar or gelatinous protein matrix and the Beyond OsteoFX supplies the bricks or bone minerals. Of course, it is important to get all the materials to the job site. That is where the cmCream comes into play. It can check inflammation so blood can easily flow in and out of the damaged area, removing toxins and delivering nutrients and oxygen. And, finally, extra re-enforcements in the form of the BTT and EFA+ help create an optimal internal environment by supplying vital micro nutrient cofactors and lubricating lipids.

To maximize the effectiveness of the HBBJP it is important to avoid mineral leaching substances such as phosphoric acid (Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, etc.) and caffeine and also foods that contribute to general systemic inflammation such as all sugary and starchy foods.